Florence: Teatro della Pergola

So, just quickly, yesterday we tagged along with Jason’s class group on a guided tour of il Teatro della Pergola:

The oldest Italian Baroque theater in continuous existence!
The horseshoe with boxes, that influences theater design TO THIS VERY DAY.
Perfect acoustics.
Around the corner from us. If anyone comes to visit who fancies some live theater … let’s get a sitter, we’re going.

the dismantled monarchic crown 
 Technician graffiti from ca. 1900

 The well of death? Or the fullers’ original water source? The red light gives pause… FOR DEATH

 Poster repro from 18th c. Come and see the horse circus!


 Backstage ropes. The theater is still manual backstage.

Boxes and gallery. 

Baroque ceiling detail. 
 Stage. Curtains up!
 Ceiling detail.

 Faux Florentine marble on the pillars. Rabbit paste. Poor rabbits.

 Entry detail. 19th c.
 Entry detail.

The Pergola that gives the name, in front. Glass and wrought iron, very Victorian! 
Or new republican.

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