Creative Endeavors

My writing has always cross-pollinated with my music and art-making.

More recently, I’ve given travel videos and cultural explainers a whirl, with my GoPro in hand.

I’ll be reporting here on my fruitful (and less than fruitful) creative endeavors. Got an idea, a spark, a skill we might combine? Contact me.

4 Replies to “Creative Endeavors”

  1. I would love to see a trek up to Piazzale Michelangelo providing context on what we will see when we get there…and pointing out notable architecture, etc, on the way…and then the payoff with the view at the top and notes on what we are seeing!


    1. Beautiful things – all beautiful things! The Nymphaeum on the rampe di San Niccolo is up and flowing again – the Rose Garden is in full bloom. Piazzale under construction but view no less stunning for it. Remember to go down to the smaller piazza in front to get the best picture. I just did this with a friend from DC last weekend!


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