This is my personal atelier. Here I post writing, like microfiction and poetry, that I have finished but not published. Previews of works in progress might appear here in the future.

I recently completed two six-week writing courses, one in summer, one in winter, that were MOOCs (massive open online course) through the Sarah Selecky Writing School. Some of the posts are from assignments I wrote for SSWS. My experience in the MOOC was fortifying and eye-opening, and helped me see that my facility with language and storytelling is sparked by the most random koans of writing prompts. I found a small writing group that has been very active in the months since the first course ended.

“Footage” is a follow-up piece that continues the story in “Answers at Last,” posted a few weeks ago – see further down below.

“The Cantina” is a quick sketch about an aspect of life in Florence I am always sensitive too, but which does not form part of the narrative sold to tourists. Immigrants are always with us. They are always here. Look around; they are people. Greet them. I am particularly interested in how the privileged minority intersects with immigrants.

I was genuinely surprised at the reception of “Answers at Last” in the online class last year. People of all ages and genders responded to it viscerally and assumed it was a longer piece I had been working on. It has remained where it sprouted, and I might return to its themes of losing a child, the ensuing grief, the twin menaces of separation and divorce after tragedy. I have only love for parents who have buried children; while I am not a member of that group, my memories of the losses we suffered before we had our children informed this piece.

My first post in Previews, “Skagit Spring” is my tiny love note to the Skagit, just north of Seattle, an area I came to know well in my six years in Seattle thanks to frequent trips to Bellingham and Lummi Island. A few weeks before I wrote this, a friend of ours blew through town with her Dubliner husband – his name was not Rory, but the lilt of his accent stayed with me. Posted February 11, 2019.