Due to the pandemic, Flo+ is not at this time providing any travel information for travel to Italy or anywhere else. We look forward to connecting with you when some semblance of global mobility resumes.

Are you a savvy, independent traveler? You’re less daunted by language, but don’t speak fluent Italian. You can book a flight on miles and reserve an Airbnb in a second. But how can you know, once you arrive, that you are really digging in to the local culture, and having the most authentic possible experience?

Enter Flo+.

I’ve lived in Florence for going over five years, in Italy more than seven years, and have traveled to almost every corner of Italy in the years since 1995. I speak Italian and am down with local culture. I’m warm and meet people quickly. I love the pockets of humor that hide in all cultures. I can help you quickly make sense of all this, and ensure that your time away is time best spent on doing what you like to do. No tourist traps. No trinket-shop kickbacks. Just a conversation.

A resident of Europe for 12 of the last 27 years, mostly in Italy, but also Spain and France for about a year each. My travels have taken me from the tip of Portugal to Poland, from Puglia to Edinburgh, from Lyon to Seville, Budapest to Slovenia. Austria in winter and Dublin in summer. I made part of the Camino de Santiago in 2005 in some very creative ways! I love Europe and all its cultures. I have also traveled extensively throughout North America and South America. I’m a flexible traveler with decades of experiential knowledge and aplomb that I’d like to share with like-minded travelers.

I have long been the go-to travel advice person for a large and loose network of people. Word of mouth travels fast, and friends who come to Florence – and friends of friends – often find me for these conversations, before and during their travel. I love chatting with them to see what they want to do, and how I can help them find and refine the activities best suited to them.

I’ll use my knowledge of Florence in particular, Italy at large, and Europe in general to help guide you through your on-the-ground decisions in Florence. I’ve got a solid grasp on my adopted city, and an encyclopedic internal reference of activities and best of. Where to dine? How to daytrip, and when? Best bar with a view? Where to take a laptop to a quiet corner with good Wi-Fi to work? How to order all these must-sees?

We can manage this together.

We’ll discuss your goals and budget and comfort level before you arrive. You bring your ideas to me. I’ll supplement, refine, and provide options. When you arrive, I’ll meet you for a coffee, say hello, help orient you to place. I’m available on email or WhatsApp while you’re here to help you manage questions, prioritize activities, and meet locals when you wish!

Message me on the Contact link above to start a conversation, build your trip plan, and discuss rates.

I’ve been known to attend a pasta-making class or two here.
I won’t say they’re hands-down the most authentic possible experience, but they are often amusing!
Pro tip: pace that Chianti.

Getting well-advised regarding your trip to Florence has never been easier!

Payment via Paypal accepted here.

4 Replies to “Flo+”

  1. I engaged Flo+ initially for a stay in Florence and was so pleased to consult her again for advice on stops in cities across Europe. Simply put, her bespoke tailoring of her suggestions to my personality and interests were unparalleled by any other travel websites or advisors I’ve used. She enhanced my trip in so many ways it is difficult to describe but here are a few notes:
    (1) her vast experience living in so many cities in Europe gives insight into how to “live like a local” and experience Europe in ways a random tourist never could
    (2) her engaging personality and quick responsiveness essentially resulted in me having a trusted friend on the ground in a foreign country
    (3) her deep knowledge and contextual understanding of the experiences she recommended created a holistic experience, rather than one where I was simply staring stupidly at relics I didn’t truly understand or appreciate.
    Highly recommended and worth every Euro, Forint, Pound and beyond! I mean, you spent this much on your vacation…spend a small bit more to fully appreciate and absorb your experience!

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  2. I just returned from my trip to Florence, and I’m so happy I consulted with Monica! She knows so much about the history and culture of Florence. She advised me on local dining culture, where the non-tourists go to buy their leather goods, and the key words to know for a given situation. I really appreciated her unique insights and her curated suggestions, based on my interests and preferences. I would definitely recommend her Flo+ service to anyone who is planning a trip to Florence. Ciao!


  3. Monica is a go-to for travel information, whether it’s Italy or beyond! Her vast travel experiences have given her insights that she is more than willing to share and makes for an authentic and unique experience for anyone. I visited Florence last year and extended my stay because her suggestions were not the kind found in guide books: I ate lampredotto on a side street, bollita in Mercato Centrale, went on a day trip to Fiesole, and did shopping in places she has frequented and knows. She accompanied me on a museum outing and is better than any guide I could have hired – the woman knows her history! I cannot vouch enough for her cultural knowledge and charming personality – you will feel like you have a friend in town. You cannot go wrong with Monica and Flo+!


  4. Flo+ is definitely worth it!!! Monica’s exuberant personality is a definite plus, but it’s her encyclopedic knowledge of all sorts of beautiful places and great cafés all across Italy that make her such a pro!!! Highly recommended! Excellent!!


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