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Must-Watch Film: Spin Me Round

Guys, I love the film The Little Hours, and I was delighted to recently learn that the same team now brings us a new feature-length film: Spin Me Round, starring our favorite bawdy nun Alison Brie as a stymied millennial professional, Alessandro Nivola as the

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On Weather-Based Living and Carbon Offsets

I’m not gonna lie. When I moved back to Oklahoma from Seattle in 2004, the weather was near the top of my list of things to dread. Sweltering summers. Overactive air conditioning. Winter ice storms. Wind chills below freezing. Flash floods. Drought. And that’s before

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Musings on Hidden Costs

I’ve always been an incredibly nosy person. Kinder people might say curious, but I know myself and who I am. Not nosy in a make people uncomfortable kind of way (I hope), but nosy in the sense of I just have to know. Perhaps more

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On the Sentience of Artificial Intelligence

I have been following with interest the news in recent months about artificial intelligence – whether or not it is sentient. This new article in the NYT is a good example of where the public discourse finds itself. I am no professor of philosophy by

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Update from the Language Melee

I’ve talked in this space before about my love of language – almost any language. Anyone who knows me knows this about me. It is a basic fact about Monicaness. I twig to verb charts and syntax, grammar and lexicon, formal and vernacular usages. I

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Update from France: Transnationalizing

A few observations as we hop around countries with the kids. Yes, we are aware it is a significant carbon footprint. Yes, I plan to purchase carbon offsets. Yes, it is a discussion. I acknowledge the privilege in this type of travel. We haven’t traveled

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Update from America: Reverse Culture Shock

A few more observations from the Pacific Coast. Things that are different or that I do not remember. Garbage disposals. Okay, so these are super convenient. Half my time in our Italian kitchen is spent wrist-deep in dinner sludge trying to clear out the drain.

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