Happy New Year from Firenze

2017 could be heard approaching by its numerous small pops, whistles, and explosions. “That’s the sound of Baby New Year being born,” Victor said. Quite right love. He and Eleanor were both asleep before 11, so Jason and I watched the Italian Top 9 under 90 New Year’s Eve concert on Italian television while enjoying a mini bottle of spumante and some luxury sweet snacks that he received from a colleague: chocolate covered candy orange peel, and some mad good truffles with more canditi inside.

2016 – a year of high velocity, sea changes, massive adjustments. Everyone in the family on board the language and culture train, everyone finding new routines and skills and frustrations to resolve or come to peace with. The fire monkey year gives way to the fire rooster on January 28, so we have four more weeks of the divine trickster, who is not always so funny!

I took the Facebook app of my phone again. It’s gone for good. I really hate the spying nature of Facebook on the phone, the incessant and nosy newsfeed suggestions, the sudden appearance of friends in the newsfeed if I have even mentioned their name in voice in conversation. I was unhooked from the evil beast after the November 8 elections, I only put it back on the phone for our Slovenia trip, but ugh. I’m done. Analog life in 2017, here I come. I am happier this way.

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