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Update from Italy: Stats and Insights

Hop, turn, repeat.
Repeat repeat.
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

24 of 35 days in quarantine in a 4 br, 2 ba apt with little kids.

New quarantine end date moved to April 13 by the Italian government so that NO ONE is confused about Easter Sunday.

760 Italians lost today due to covid.

4,668 new positive covid cases in Italy.

First day since Saturday we’ve been outside with the kids.

Noting a date’s alignment (between Merovingian and Carolingian) with our front door’s keypad code.

5 kilos of flour purchased wholesale from a restaurant distributor working hard to stay afloat. Also, countless, chicken sticks, french fries, and passata al pomodoro.

1 dear friend admitted locally with symptoms.

10 pages edited in legal English and since published online re: business contracts, force majeure, and the pandemic.

1 online ballot created for vestry elections.

3 years I have been vestry secretary / clerk. I suppose the title was change to avoid confusion with te parish secretary position.

1 online reading of the palm Sunday Passion recorded for use on Palm Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Infinite loads of laundry.

240 g of lentils added to today’s soup (sausage, onions, that damn curly kale that might as well be an old leather shoe, even with lemon juice).

Infinite loads of dishes.

2 units of caffeine per day

Glad I never took up smoking or otherwise fell into any other addictions, red wine aside. And that’s with dinner. Ok nightcaps most nights.

0 yeast. Either we find some at the market tomorrow or I am making a mother.

Endless patience for this. We can do this.

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