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How to help tornado victims in Oklahoma: one family at a time

Robyn has been heard from as she and Ivan come up for air amidst their recovery.
From Robyn: I have been reading all of your thoughtful messages although I may not be replying to all. Your outpouring of love and support has been amazing. Some have asked where they can send supplies/care packages. Below is an address where you can send items: 
c/o Kelly Long
517 NW 42nd St.
OKC, OK 73118
Contact Kelly at for specific questions about needs or donations for Robyn and her family. Also, there have been fewer donations for her husband, Ivan, who wears 32×34 pants and a large shirt. Prepaid gift cards are also appreciated. 
If you are looking for a way to help the victims of the devastating Moore tornado, consider a donation to Robyn and Ivan. Robyn and Ivan are expecting their first child in July and they lost everything in the storm – their house is gone, and their beloved dog Mona is still missing. In moments of great need, I have the desire to help but always wonder where my money is going. Well, here is an opportunity to know exactly who you are helping. If you feel you can, please help this young new family out here, to this fund drive set up by their friends and colleagues to help them rebuild their lives. All donations will go directly to Robyn and Ivan.

Thank you to our global community, friends of the spirit, travelers, and people everywhere for helping support Robyn and Ivan during this time.This is what globalmoxie is truly all about. Distance does not diminish empathy or support. Out of sight is most definitely out of mind – for those with globalmoxie, what is often out of sight is what is most filling out hearts.
Robyn and Ivan pulled their intact front door out of the rubble yesterday.
This is an example of one of the very few things that Robyn was able to recover from what was left of their home:

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