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Must-Watch Film: Spin Me Round

Tuscan Grove! When you’re here, you’re family! Photo by James Kern on Unsplash

Guys, I love the film The Little Hours, and I was delighted to recently learn that the same team now brings us a new feature-length film: Spin Me Round, starring our favorite bawdy nun Alison Brie as a stymied millennial professional, Alessandro Nivola as the owner of Tuscan Grove (the stand-in for the American Italian chain we love to loathe, The Olive Garden), Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen, and Zach Woods (who slayed in Silicon Valley).

Set and filmed on location in Florence and the Tuscan countryside, the story follows a corporate hack (Alison Brie) who heats up her food in the workplace microwave until she learns she’s won some sort of office contest and is being sent to cooking school in Italy where all sorts of shit happens, both predictable and unpredictable!

Living in Italy I have seen, heard, tasted, every cliché. I love a witty script that shreds received wisdom to absolute bits and replaces it with the unvarnished truth leavened with comedy. It’s like Parker and Benchley returned from the dead to write a script. I am very excited.

If you live in the US, apparently this film is screening now at select theaters and on some platforms called AMC+ and VOD. Please, please see it if you can, and tell me if you liked it. Until then I will be constantly refreshing Netflix and Amazon Prime for it to appear.

This is my independent plug for this film. I’m not getting anything for posting this and I am fine with that. But I really want to see this film.

A dopo!

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